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Mobile Blings for Free!

January 16, 2009

You like blinging your phone? I snapped a picture of my baby on my camera phone and added some cool animated wallpaper blings using PhotoFun from Funmo. A few hearts and some halo and sent it across to my mom and was grandma impressed. She even saved it as cool wallpaper for her Verizon phone.

Now I am going to add some diamond rings on my husband’s picture and send it to him for Valentine’s…

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Stephen Hawking Ringtones!

December 16, 2008

Bored of the same old ringtones? Looking for a change? No, not the change promised by Obama, lol! Need some new radical ringtones? Then, do checkout the Stephen Hawking ringtones. Sounds crazy? No, this ain’t about ‘Black holes’, ‘Quantum gravity’ or any serious stuff, but Hawking’s ringtones really exist and they are too funny to hang on with.

‘Good Vibration’, ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ are pretty funny, but ‘U Can’t Touch This’, ‘My Name Is’, ‘In Da Club’ literally make you go ROFL… In addition to this, you let loose the creative genius in you and make free ringtones or find all the exciting stuff your mobile needs, like free mobile wallpapers. Does this idea sound good to you?