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Mobile Blings for Free!

January 16, 2009

You like blinging your phone? I snapped a picture of my baby on my camera phone and added some cool animated wallpaper blings using PhotoFun from Funmo. A few hearts and some halo and sent it across to my mom and was grandma impressed. She even saved it as cool wallpaper for her Verizon phone.

Now I am going to add some diamond rings on my husband’s picture and send it to him for Valentine’s…

Check out sites that offer free download games for mobile phones. Also, find free ringtones and free mobile wall papers to personalize your cell phone. So, whatchya waiting for?


50 Cent Ringtones

November 21, 2008

Ringtones are personalized tones that portray ones liking and attitude towards life. Well, there are bundles of free ringtones and ringtone maker available on the internet.

American rapper 50 Cents’ ringtones has become quite popular. Officially known as Curtis James Jackson III, 50 Cent rose to fame with the release of his albums ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and ‘The Massacre’.  His number 1 hit, ‘In Da Club’ has become a phenomenon, thus ringing on everybody’s cell phone. This ringtone has the capacity to make heads turn and is a must have ringtone for any party animal.

Tone talk for love and hate

November 21, 2008

It’s still quite some time to go for Valentine’s Day. But did you know that the ‘Best ringtone or ring back tone for the Significant Other’ among lovers in the USA is the track, ‘No one’ by Alicia Keys. This was the result of a special survey of Americans aged 18-49 by Virgin Mobile USA on free ringtones to download on Valentine’s Day. Alicia Keys’ soulful number beat other contenders like Temptations’, ‘My girl, Pink Floyd’s, ‘Wish you were here’ and Brad Paisley’s, ‘She’s everything’.

What’s life without a breakup? The top spot for ‘Best Ringtone or Ring back tone for an Ex’ was ‘I hate everything about you’ followed by ‘Irreplaceable’. The internet is abounding with millions of free ringtones to express love, hate, anger, humor and many more emotions. Do not talk anymore. Just download ringtones based on your mood and let your ringtone do all the talking.

Has your phone been bitten by the mosquito tone

November 21, 2008

You’ve heard of mosquito bites, but have you ever heard of mosquito ringtones? That’s the latest ringtone causing a buzz (pun intended) among many youngsters now. Also called Teen Buzz the free ringtone sounds like the actual buzz of a mosquito. But the voice range is so low that the tone will be audible only to those below 30 years of age. So if you are getting a call from a special someone or you are bored and want to exchange text messages with your friends during your classes then go for the mosquito tone.

There are different audibility ranges of the mosquito ringtone to choose from, depending on the users hearing capacity. Encouraged by the response for this free ringtone among student members, new flash mosquito games are also available now. So download ringtones that let you do what you want, wherever you are. Get the mosquito power

Best Bluetooth Headsets In the Market

September 5, 2008

In case you’re one of lucky ones to have gotten away without getting pulled over for not using a hands free device while calling and driving in California, New Jersey, New York and other states, now may be a good time to invest in a Bluetooth headset for your cell phone.

We’ve done some hands-on testing of the most popular new Bluetooth headsets and came to the conclusion that although none of these devices works flawlessly they work well enough to consider spending the $80 – $100 to make them part of your gadget collection.

Top Three Headsets

We singled out the BlueAnt Z9i, Aliph’s Jawbone 2, and Plantronics’ Discovery 925 because we consider them among the very best Bluetooth headsets on the market.

All three units had similar weaknesses; occasional pairing issues, audio glitches, and ergonomic difficulties. In other words, we feel Bluetooth headsets still have room for improvement. In general though, the out of the box experience was good, pairing worked most of the time although in some case we had to reset the headset to get everything set up just right for pairing to take place.

For the most part, call quality was quite adequate although some callers complained occasionally about the audio quality. One common complaint among our testers was that the auto pairing seemed to work sometimes and not others. One time your phone would answer with the headset connected and another with it off. Battery life was adequate for normal use and all three recharged pretty fast.

BlueAnt Z9i

The Z9i was the lightest of the three, almost feather light. It was the one we noticed least hanging off our ears although you have to be careful to fit the earloop just right.  The large multifunction button was easy to locate and easy to use although a problem with almost all phones we’ve tried is remembering which buttons do what. Quality of calls was very good although don’t expect Jawbone caliber noise cancellation.

Aliph Jawbone 2

The Aliph Jawbone 2 is the second generation Jawbone. The first Jawbone was the hands down favorite among Bluetooth headset connoisseurs however the first thing most owners did was replace the earpiece with a Jabra molded ear piece. The Jawbone 2 is smaller, lighter, and feels better in your ear although you still know it’s there unlike the BlueAnt Z9i which is so light you almost forget you’re wearing it. The Jawbone 2 was still the winner for noise canceling audio quality but not by much.

Plantronics Discovery 925

If you want to minimize the somewhat techie look that the Jawbone 2 adds then consider the stylish Plantronics Discovery 925. It almost looks like a piece of jewelry and therefore might be even more popular with women. It comes in colors too. The Discovery 925 feels very comfortable in your ear and doesn’t require an earloop like the BlueAnt or Jawbone. Sound quality is excellent and the buttons are easy to use.

Corded headset

For the most consistent connectivity and call quality you can’t beat a corded headset. Yes, the wire can get in your way but the mute button is easy to find.

Bluetooth Car and Conference Phone

BlueAnt makes a reasonably price Bluetooth device called the Supertooth 3 handsfree speakerphone that mounts to your visor when used as a hands free car phone or it can sit on a table and be used as a conference phone. It has big easy to find buttons, and friendly voice commands for ease of use.

Nokia N73, a smartphone

August 28, 2008

The Nokia N73, even though being a mid range cell phone, comes with a host of exciting features. The versatile 3.2 megapixel camera is equipped with a Carl Zeiss lens. The mechanical shutter and advanced auto focus diminish movement distortion, rendering photos that have even been shot in low light conditions sharper. The camera is equipped with a 20X digital zoom.

The photos, which are of print quality, can be viewed on a 2.4 inch screen. The display resolution is 240 X 320 pixels. One can get excellent print quality photos up to 10” x 8”. Organizing and sharing of photos is simplified by an intelligent photo gallery. Memories are well organized and quickly accessible.

Life Blog’ helps to keep track of where and when one spent one’s memorable events. The N73 comes with a digital music player equipped with stereo speakers. The player is mp3 compatible. Music listeners can also tune in to FM Radio. Transferring tracks to the device is made very easy through the Nokia Music Manager in the Nokia PC Suite. Videos and games can be directly downloaded and streamed to the device. These can be stored on the device or with mini SD cards.

MS Outlook Express, MS Outlook, Lotus Organizer 5.0 & 6.0 and Lotus Notes 5.0 are other important features of the N73.

The N73 enables one to combine both work and play, made possible by its latest applications and services. The N73 can be connected to a PC or other wireless device through Bluetooth/infrared/USB. The device possesses anti-virus protection. The N73 is available in both the GSM and WCDMA category.