IT Compliance- A Corporate Challenge

December 3, 2008

Complying with multiple regulatory guidelines has always been a challenge for organizations. Establishing, maintaining and improving compliance requires dedication and a lot of effort since dealing with the complexities of compliance can be quite overwhelming. The growing demands in IT compliance have made companies realize the need for external compliance consulting services.

The services of a compliance specialist may prove helpful for organizations facing continuous challenges in compliance management. Experts can help in building an overall framework that integrates compliance to multiple regulatory guidelines which in turn makes operations smooth and efficient.


Enabling Compliance…

November 29, 2008

Companies that can effectively manage compliance issues are said to operate smoothly. Corporations are ever on the lookout for effective ways and means to handle compliance issues. Lot of companies today subscribe to at-least one compliance magazine to keep track of news in regulatory guidelines. Online business and technology magazines publish number of compliance articles proving the fact that ‘compliance’ is one of the buzzwords in business circles today.

Integrating regulatory compliance into the overall system is now the main focus for lot of companies. Hence organizations are willing to seek the guidance of a compliance specialist, to incorporate compliance solutions in everyday operations and ensure their businesses comply with government regulations.

Compliance Management, the corporate buzzword

November 29, 2008

While on one hand companies have to deal with the complexities of day-to-day operations, on the other, they have to dedicate time and effort to compliance management. With increasing government emphasis on IT compliance and related guidelines, enterprises are devoting more and more attention to areas of data security, records retention, internal control certification etc.

Since compliance and management activities are not one-time but continuous, organizations have started to recognize the need for external compliance consulting services. Compliance experts help organizations build an efficient and controlled compliance management system.

Stuff that we ‘cell’dom use anymore

November 22, 2008

What is the most omnipresent, object in today’s modern world? That without which, human survival is nearly impossible? That which changes itself to suit our changing needs? Not God, not the air that we breathe, but that little ubiquitous thing that we carry in our handbags, trouser pockets or hang around our neck. Cell phones have not only become all pervasive in our lives but have also rendered many things obsolete and useless. As an example, mobile boarding passes received as text messages on cell phones are fast replacing paper boarding passes for airline travelers.

Wired lists five gadgets that were killed by the cell phone. These include PDA’s, cameras, Ultra Mobile PCs, home landline phones and MP3 players. Though one can argue the cell phone has not yet replaced the camera, the trend cannot be disputed. Here’s our list of items relegated to near obsolescence by the modern cell phone:

The Wrist Watch – Does anyone not trying to make a fashion statement wear these anymore?

The Alarm Clock – The alarm clock is possibly the most hated of modern conveniences and it’s time for it to wake up, unplug itself from the wall and drop itself in the trash.

The Calculator – A quick calculation on how much 15% discount on a $125 outfit works out to, or to find how much the restaurant bill will add up to; your cell phone is humbly waiting to serve you. Of course, geeky math and physics students may still need their special calculators, but for the rest of us, the cell phone works just fine.

Digital diaries & planners – Do people still buy these things? Enough said.

iPods – Okay, going out on a limb here, but the writing on the wall is clear. In fact, the new iPods look exactly like the iPhone. iPod and MP3 players’ days are numbered. With a slew of phones in the market, specially designed to hold thousands of song files and hundreds of websites with free songs, free photos and free MP3 ringtone downloads; will people really need a single function device like an iPod in the near future?

The last thing the cell phone has displaced is our ancient foe we used to call boredom.

50 Cent Ringtones

November 21, 2008

Ringtones are personalized tones that portray ones liking and attitude towards life. Well, there are bundles of free ringtones and ringtone maker available on the internet.

American rapper 50 Cents’ ringtones has become quite popular. Officially known as Curtis James Jackson III, 50 Cent rose to fame with the release of his albums ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and ‘The Massacre’.  His number 1 hit, ‘In Da Club’ has become a phenomenon, thus ringing on everybody’s cell phone. This ringtone has the capacity to make heads turn and is a must have ringtone for any party animal.

Tone talk for love and hate

November 21, 2008

It’s still quite some time to go for Valentine’s Day. But did you know that the ‘Best ringtone or ring back tone for the Significant Other’ among lovers in the USA is the track, ‘No one’ by Alicia Keys. This was the result of a special survey of Americans aged 18-49 by Virgin Mobile USA on free ringtones to download on Valentine’s Day. Alicia Keys’ soulful number beat other contenders like Temptations’, ‘My girl, Pink Floyd’s, ‘Wish you were here’ and Brad Paisley’s, ‘She’s everything’.

What’s life without a breakup? The top spot for ‘Best Ringtone or Ring back tone for an Ex’ was ‘I hate everything about you’ followed by ‘Irreplaceable’. The internet is abounding with millions of free ringtones to express love, hate, anger, humor and many more emotions. Do not talk anymore. Just download ringtones based on your mood and let your ringtone do all the talking.

Has your phone been bitten by the mosquito tone

November 21, 2008

You’ve heard of mosquito bites, but have you ever heard of mosquito ringtones? That’s the latest ringtone causing a buzz (pun intended) among many youngsters now. Also called Teen Buzz the free ringtone sounds like the actual buzz of a mosquito. But the voice range is so low that the tone will be audible only to those below 30 years of age. So if you are getting a call from a special someone or you are bored and want to exchange text messages with your friends during your classes then go for the mosquito tone.

There are different audibility ranges of the mosquito ringtone to choose from, depending on the users hearing capacity. Encouraged by the response for this free ringtone among student members, new flash mosquito games are also available now. So download ringtones that let you do what you want, wherever you are. Get the mosquito power

LCD’s New Looks

October 11, 2008

LCDs, when launched were available in limited designs but since then it’s undergone some major improvements. For instance, take a look at any of the top 1080p LCD TVs or top 46 inch LCD TVs, we can see that not only do they come in cool designs but also have super cool features. Let’s check out the strides made by LCDs in terms of technology, design and features.

The greatest development had been in the use of different forms of Liquid Crystal Display technology like Super Twisted Nematics (STN), Dual Scan Twisted Nematics (DSTN), Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal (FLC) and Surface Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal (SSFLC) etc. Another important development is in the back light technology which greatly improved video performance, reduced power usage and extended life span. Color field sequential technology is also becoming popular as it reduces the price of the LCD display panel considerably by getting rid of the expensive color filters. Optically compensated bend or rather OCB LCD panels is the area where a lot of research has been going on. It has got several benefits; not only does it facilitate a wider angle of view but also makes the response time of LCDs much quicker. The OCB also makes LCDs perform better in high altitudes.

LCDs have changed a lot in looks as well. Now they have become a lot slimmer and come with larger screens. As far as features are concerned, there have been fabulous changes. For instance, televisions with several play options, LCDs with PIP technology that facilitates viewing two channels at the same time, LCD TVs with built-in sensors that adjusts TV to the room light conditions etc. Other features in the pipeline are LCDs with internet connectivity, built-in Blu-Ray DVD players and so on.

Any of these might be a reason for the sudden shift in preference from Plasma TV to LCD.

Blu-ray, Going Higher and Higher

September 30, 2008

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Once one decides on purchasing a TV, an LCD TV, a Plasma TV or one of the top HDTVs under $500; the next in line would most probably be DVD Players. And with CDs and DVDs making way for Blu-Rays, the race for the top DVD Players has heated up. The Blu-Ray disc or just BD is an optical disc now widely used because of its great advantages; it can store more data compared to the standard CDs and DVDs and can record, rewrite and playback high-definition video.

This innovative idea is the brain child of a group known as the Blu-Ray Disc Association, which includes almost all the top manufacturers of consumer electronics, personal computers and recording media such as Apple, Dell, HP, LG, Panasonic, Sharp, Samsung, Sony, Pioneer, Walt Disney Pictures, Thomson and so on. Though today DVDs still rule the roost, Blu-Rays are not lagging behind. The famous movie studios have released movies on BDs along with the DVDs. Most of the top manufacturers have come up with DVD players that play Blu-Ray discs.

Blu-Ray discs will take some more time to gain popularity as it all depends upon how fast the BD format becomes widespread. But that shouldn’t daunt you in checking out the latest Blu-Ray DVD players and seeing the difference between BD and DVD.

Are LCDs the Most Shopped Around Gadget?

September 30, 2008

Almost all top-notch electronics manufacturers are into making new and different models of LCD TVs and they will continue to do so. Like always, branded products are the in thing and a LCD TV is the hottest among them as it is fast disappearing from the showrooms. All major manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Sony and Sharp have come up with different models.

The top 46 inch LCD TVs that include brands like Sceptre, Samsung, Hyundai and Sony are clear favorites among the consumers. Most manufacturers intend to invest on LCD TVs in the near future.

LCDs have superb picture quality and they consume lesser power. Another notable quality is that the issue of burn-in is relatively low or rather nil in LCDs making it a clear winner of the race. As far as affordability and life span is concerned, it is more or less the same as that of its competitors. Moreover it weighs less and is brighter compared to its greatest competitor, the Plasma TV. These are some of the significant features that make it one of the top shopped around gadgets.