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Personalized Ringtones for Special People in our Life

February 10, 2009

It’s not for nothing that cell phones come with options to set personalized ringtones for specific callers. There have been times when we are stuck in neck deep work that we get a call on our cell phone. We assume it’s our Boss calling to know about the report, only to realize that it’s our spouse reminding us to get some grocery on the way back home. We could be expecting a call from a special someone only to hear the caller on the other end mutter, “Hi, we are calling from XYZ Bank. We are offering lifetime free credit cards…”

Of course most of us have a caller ID on our phones to know who’s calling. But to fumble for our phone stuck deep inside our bag only to realize that it’s a useless call can be really off-putting. When driving with our hands free or when using a Bluetooth headset, it’s difficult to check the caller ID before taking the call.

It helps have a personalized ringtones in such cases. It’s easy to download ringtones from the internet to use special ones for our boss, parents or special someone so that we know exactly which call to take and which one not to.


Naughty or Nice Christmas Ringtones!

December 16, 2008

Thinking about a nice holiday gift for Grandma? Look no further. Watch her face light up, really with this next idea. Just steal her phone for 5 minutes and program it with this ringtone “We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry XMAS and a Happy new year.” from Now won’t that be awfully nice? Awww…. A special something for all the gingerbread cookies she bakes for you?!

Now that grandma is taken care of, how about a naughty ringtone for you? You won’t be caught dead with grandma’s ringtone will you?

Surf the web for some naughty or hilarious free Christmas ringtones, which will draw a snicker in the mall. Funny holiday ringtones like ‘HillBilly Xmas’, ‘Santa Booty Call’, ‘Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas’ will really make folks stand up and listen. Or bling your phone with this ‘Xmas rap’. Moreover you can also make your own ringtones or just visit a free MP3 ringtones download site.

Enabling Compliance…

November 29, 2008

Companies that can effectively manage compliance issues are said to operate smoothly. Corporations are ever on the lookout for effective ways and means to handle compliance issues. Lot of companies today subscribe to at-least one compliance magazine to keep track of news in regulatory guidelines. Online business and technology magazines publish number of compliance articles proving the fact that ‘compliance’ is one of the buzzwords in business circles today.

Integrating regulatory compliance into the overall system is now the main focus for lot of companies. Hence organizations are willing to seek the guidance of a compliance specialist, to incorporate compliance solutions in everyday operations and ensure their businesses comply with government regulations.

Compliance Management, the corporate buzzword

November 29, 2008

While on one hand companies have to deal with the complexities of day-to-day operations, on the other, they have to dedicate time and effort to compliance management. With increasing government emphasis on IT compliance and related guidelines, enterprises are devoting more and more attention to areas of data security, records retention, internal control certification etc.

Since compliance and management activities are not one-time but continuous, organizations have started to recognize the need for external compliance consulting services. Compliance experts help organizations build an efficient and controlled compliance management system.

Nokia N73, a smartphone

August 28, 2008

The Nokia N73, even though being a mid range cell phone, comes with a host of exciting features. The versatile 3.2 megapixel camera is equipped with a Carl Zeiss lens. The mechanical shutter and advanced auto focus diminish movement distortion, rendering photos that have even been shot in low light conditions sharper. The camera is equipped with a 20X digital zoom.

The photos, which are of print quality, can be viewed on a 2.4 inch screen. The display resolution is 240 X 320 pixels. One can get excellent print quality photos up to 10” x 8”. Organizing and sharing of photos is simplified by an intelligent photo gallery. Memories are well organized and quickly accessible.

Life Blog’ helps to keep track of where and when one spent one’s memorable events. The N73 comes with a digital music player equipped with stereo speakers. The player is mp3 compatible. Music listeners can also tune in to FM Radio. Transferring tracks to the device is made very easy through the Nokia Music Manager in the Nokia PC Suite. Videos and games can be directly downloaded and streamed to the device. These can be stored on the device or with mini SD cards.

MS Outlook Express, MS Outlook, Lotus Organizer 5.0 & 6.0 and Lotus Notes 5.0 are other important features of the N73.

The N73 enables one to combine both work and play, made possible by its latest applications and services. The N73 can be connected to a PC or other wireless device through Bluetooth/infrared/USB. The device possesses anti-virus protection. The N73 is available in both the GSM and WCDMA category.

Hello world!

August 28, 2008

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