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Mobile Blings for Free!

January 16, 2009

You like blinging your phone? I snapped a picture of my baby on my camera phone and added some cool animated wallpaper blings using PhotoFun from Funmo. A few hearts and some halo and sent it across to my mom and was grandma impressed. She even saved it as cool wallpaper for her Verizon phone.

Now I am going to add some diamond rings on my husband’s picture and send it to him for Valentine’s…

Check out sites that offer free download games for mobile phones. Also, find free ringtones and free mobile wall papers to personalize your cell phone. So, whatchya waiting for?


Stephen Hawking Ringtones!

December 16, 2008

Bored of the same old ringtones? Looking for a change? No, not the change promised by Obama, lol! Need some new radical ringtones? Then, do checkout the Stephen Hawking ringtones. Sounds crazy? No, this ain’t about ‘Black holes’, ‘Quantum gravity’ or any serious stuff, but Hawking’s ringtones really exist and they are too funny to hang on with.

‘Good Vibration’, ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ are pretty funny, but ‘U Can’t Touch This’, ‘My Name Is’, ‘In Da Club’ literally make you go ROFL… In addition to this, you let loose the creative genius in you and make free ringtones or find all the exciting stuff your mobile needs, like free mobile wallpapers. Does this idea sound good to you?

Get Obama Ringtones, For Free!

December 5, 2008

Like chanting ‘yes we can, yes we can’ loudly in public? Then you will love Barack Obama’s own words energize you every time someone calls you, including the bitchy friend of yours, who is on your ‘not-so-buddy-list’. Check Obama ringtones and let the winds of change inspire you!!!

Ringtones and cell phones go hand-in-hand and even though there are many applications provided in today’s cell phones that can take away your boredom, ringtones are the ones that actually define your personal style and make others stand-up and notice you. Try to make your own ringtones or even go for free mp3 ringtones download.

Obama ringtones are on the high these days and they’ve become popular among all age groups. ‘Change America’, ‘Bring Our Troops Home’, ‘Go Obama’ are some of the ringtones that you would like to hang on for some time. At least, till Obama really brings some change to the US of A, right?

‘Banned in Hollywood’ – Top Ringtones to shock your friends!

December 4, 2008

Isn’t it frustrating your friend has the same ringtone now, because she heard yours and thot it was cool? How many times you hear a ringtone in a crowded restaurant and instinctively grab for your phone, only to realize someone has the same ringtone as you. I stumbled upon and downloaded a couple of their FREE ringtones for giggles.

Has anyone tried ‘Banned in Hollywood‘ ringtones? You gotta check it out…! They are so funny that they will make you ROFL… One among them is ‘Bubbles The Horny Cellphone‘ which begs you to be…(censored)? This tone is real horny and who knows it may even turn some people on! Download MP3 ringtone free and grab some “wanted” n “unwanted” attention, lol! Like the old lady who gave me a laud ‘harrrumphh’ on the bus, ROFLLMAO !!!! They got some crazy ass wallpapers too.

Stuff that we ‘cell’dom use anymore

November 22, 2008

What is the most omnipresent, object in today’s modern world? That without which, human survival is nearly impossible? That which changes itself to suit our changing needs? Not God, not the air that we breathe, but that little ubiquitous thing that we carry in our handbags, trouser pockets or hang around our neck. Cell phones have not only become all pervasive in our lives but have also rendered many things obsolete and useless. As an example, mobile boarding passes received as text messages on cell phones are fast replacing paper boarding passes for airline travelers.

Wired lists five gadgets that were killed by the cell phone. These include PDA’s, cameras, Ultra Mobile PCs, home landline phones and MP3 players. Though one can argue the cell phone has not yet replaced the camera, the trend cannot be disputed. Here’s our list of items relegated to near obsolescence by the modern cell phone:

The Wrist Watch – Does anyone not trying to make a fashion statement wear these anymore?

The Alarm Clock – The alarm clock is possibly the most hated of modern conveniences and it’s time for it to wake up, unplug itself from the wall and drop itself in the trash.

The Calculator – A quick calculation on how much 15% discount on a $125 outfit works out to, or to find how much the restaurant bill will add up to; your cell phone is humbly waiting to serve you. Of course, geeky math and physics students may still need their special calculators, but for the rest of us, the cell phone works just fine.

Digital diaries & planners – Do people still buy these things? Enough said.

iPods – Okay, going out on a limb here, but the writing on the wall is clear. In fact, the new iPods look exactly like the iPhone. iPod and MP3 players’ days are numbered. With a slew of phones in the market, specially designed to hold thousands of song files and hundreds of websites with free songs, free photos and free MP3 ringtone downloads; will people really need a single function device like an iPod in the near future?

The last thing the cell phone has displaced is our ancient foe we used to call boredom.