Personalized Ringtones for Special People in our Life

It’s not for nothing that cell phones come with options to set personalized ringtones for specific callers. There have been times when we are stuck in neck deep work that we get a call on our cell phone. We assume it’s our Boss calling to know about the report, only to realize that it’s our spouse reminding us to get some grocery on the way back home. We could be expecting a call from a special someone only to hear the caller on the other end mutter, “Hi, we are calling from XYZ Bank. We are offering lifetime free credit cards…”

Of course most of us have a caller ID on our phones to know who’s calling. But to fumble for our phone stuck deep inside our bag only to realize that it’s a useless call can be really off-putting. When driving with our hands free or when using a Bluetooth headset, it’s difficult to check the caller ID before taking the call.

It helps have a personalized ringtones in such cases. It’s easy to download ringtones from the internet to use special ones for our boss, parents or special someone so that we know exactly which call to take and which one not to.


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