Has your phone been bitten by the mosquito tone

You’ve heard of mosquito bites, but have you ever heard of mosquito ringtones? That’s the latest ringtone causing a buzz (pun intended) among many youngsters now. Also called Teen Buzz the free ringtone sounds like the actual buzz of a mosquito. But the voice range is so low that the tone will be audible only to those below 30 years of age. So if you are getting a call from a special someone or you are bored and want to exchange text messages with your friends during your classes then go for the mosquito tone.

There are different audibility ranges of the mosquito ringtone to choose from, depending on the users hearing capacity. Encouraged by the response for this free ringtone among student members, new flash mosquito games are also available now. So download ringtones that let you do what you want, wherever you are. Get the mosquito power


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