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LCD’s New Looks

October 11, 2008

LCDs, when launched were available in limited designs but since then it’s undergone some major improvements. For instance, take a look at any of the top 1080p LCD TVs or top 46 inch LCD TVs, we can see that not only do they come in cool designs but also have super cool features. Let’s check out the strides made by LCDs in terms of technology, design and features.

The greatest development had been in the use of different forms of Liquid Crystal Display technology like Super Twisted Nematics (STN), Dual Scan Twisted Nematics (DSTN), Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal (FLC) and Surface Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal (SSFLC) etc. Another important development is in the back light technology which greatly improved video performance, reduced power usage and extended life span. Color field sequential technology is also becoming popular as it reduces the price of the LCD display panel considerably by getting rid of the expensive color filters. Optically compensated bend or rather OCB LCD panels is the area where a lot of research has been going on. It has got several benefits; not only does it facilitate a wider angle of view but also makes the response time of LCDs much quicker. The OCB also makes LCDs perform better in high altitudes.

LCDs have changed a lot in looks as well. Now they have become a lot slimmer and come with larger screens. As far as features are concerned, there have been fabulous changes. For instance, televisions with several play options, LCDs with PIP technology that facilitates viewing two channels at the same time, LCD TVs with built-in sensors that adjusts TV to the room light conditions etc. Other features in the pipeline are LCDs with internet connectivity, built-in Blu-Ray DVD players and so on.

Any of these might be a reason for the sudden shift in preference from Plasma TV to LCD.