Have Plasmas Really Lost their Charm?

A visit to a TV showroom is enough to let one know how far behind one is, if one is still thinking about a Plasma TV. Now is an age of LCD TVs. Most people looking for a TV, want to check out one among the Top 1080p LCD TVs. What’s so special about LCD TVs?

Plasmas which were hogging the limelight till recently have been replaced by LCD TVs. Plasma TVs which ruled the roost is now losing its preference among the consumers. When Plasma first made their appearance, there was such a craze that people joined the bandwagon without actually knowing the product inside out. It is surprising that how swiftly it’s lost its charm.

Both Plasma TVs and LCD TVs score points in terms of durability, affordability, performance, elegance and so on. And the only issue that keeps Plasmas behind is the burn-in issues. But this issue has been dealt with in the new models that are flooding the market now.


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