Gadget Rumors

Gadget watchers have come across a handful of unconfirmed and confirmed rumors about the latest gadgets and gear. Check out the hottest of rumors on gadgets…

BlackBerry Bold Available October 2nd

The wait is over. Just as the lines are beginning to clear at the AT&T store for the Apple iPhone, the traffic should increase again on October 2nd when rumor has it you’ll be able to pick up the highly praised BlackBerry Bold. According to the same sources you’ll be able to pre-order one as of September 24th.

Analysis: The BlackBerry Bold is a very real alternative to the iPhone especially for use in the Enterprise

New Kindle Won’t Be Home for Xmas

An Amazon spokesperson squashed speculation on an imminent next-gen Kindle.

Analysis: A new Kindle would make a great holiday gift but a Kindle gift certificate might be wiser this holiday season. The new Kindle now due in 2009 will supposedly correct some UI problems and offer an improved screen.

From Apple; Goggles not Googles

Imagine watching a movie, working on a large spreadsheet, or maneuvering around a virtual world without using a big screen display. Rumor has it that Apple and Sony are hard at work on a pair of goggles that will do just that. There is also a patent on file describing a laser-based display that you see right through like a pair of glasses when no image is being displayed.

Analysis: We predict that immersive head gear displays like this will eventually become commonplace.

Confirmed Rumor on Asus Eee PC 904

Apparently Asus listened to users’ complaints about the small keyboard on the Eee PC 901 and responded with the Eee PC 904 which puts a larger keyboard on an 8.9 inch display laptop. It’s available in the UK for about $460 U.S.

Analysis: Some user comments have criticized Asus for deviating from the 7 inch form factor and also note that you can get a pretty powerful laptop for about the same cost, but we can’t wait to get our hands on one of these little beauties.

iPhone Gamepad

Rumors are still getting play about Belkin’s involvement in an Apple “sanctioned” game pad as first reported by (along with this photo). Reports have been circulating that this 8 button gamepad with audio output would be supported by the Apple SDK. So far it appears to be speculation.

Analysis: As long as it supplies some extra juice to extend battery life, we say an iPhone gamepad is a great idea.


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